My Story

I began my career as a journalist in the back seat of my family’s caravan. A pen doubled as a microphone which was constantly pointed in one of my sibling’s faces. Sometimes they would oblige and I’d have myself an interview. We’d putter along the Trans Canada Highway on our annual summer vacation and I’d pretend to send the local news host a regular update of road conditions.



I’ve learned a lot about journalism since then. I left my home in Prince Edward Island to study at Georgetown University in Washington, DC and St Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

I went on to work as a chase producer for CBC News Network in Toronto, became a filmmaker for a non-profit in Africa for a time, before returning to CBC as a reporter in my hometown of Charlottetown.


I moved to Halifax and became a radio newsreader and video journalist before taking a job as a national reporter in CBC’s Arts and Entertainment unit in Toronto.

Now, I happily spend my summers in Prince Edward Island, reporting for CBC News, and my winters abroad, in Germany where I freelance as voice talent, filmmaker, and an English conversation coach.








4 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Hi Stephanie! I was watching CBC news tonight and saw you in a presentation on autism and the development of a Sesame Street character. It was so good to see you continuing to follow your passion in journalism. I was a pastor in the Charlottetown CRC from 2004 to 2007 and enjoyed working with many wonderful people. Blessings on your work- Harry bierman

  2. happy thanksgiving from the victoria b.c. van campen clan

    best regards
    jacques van campen

  3. Saw you at Inverness on the internet. I don’t have a TV so today was my first time to see your work.

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